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The Amerii: Second Rising

As the sexual tension grows between Aurora (an awkward young adult finding her way in the world without the help of her trusted best friend), and Kaylin (the strong silent type who doesn’t show his feeling often, but when he does sparks fly), so does the mystery surrounding the Amerri (a secret group responsible for forming America).

Aurora and Kaylin, with the help of Aurora’s cousin Grant (the goofball) and Kevin (Kaylin’s self centered older brother) set off in search of the Dare Stones, the key to unlocking the Amerri’s secrets, created by Aurora’s ancestors. Their journey takes them to Roanoke, North Carolina where they uncover more than the Dare Stone they’re looking for and find out they’re not the only ones looking for the stones. Aurora calls in reinforcements, her best friend Steph (the super outgoing one), to help them out. Danger follows the group and somewhere on the road to Popham, Maine, it catches up to them, sending Kaylin and Aurora on a horrific ride. Mr. Trudell (a mysterious older gentleman with ample knowledge of the Amerri) rescues the two and continues on to Popham with them where one of the six finally reveals their true feelings about the Amerri and turns on the group. Will the group find the three Dare Stones they're looking for? Will they unlock the Amerri’s secrets? Will Kaylin and Aurora ever act on their feelings? Will the trader be successful in stopping them?


Episode 1

“Crystal,” Brog Shouted As He Slammed His Meaty Four Fingered Fist Down Onto The Work Bench. “You Have To Be The Most Careless Human I’ve Ever Met.” He Picked Up The Screwdriver Laying Next To His Hand And Gripped The Handle So Tightly His Knuckles Glowed White. “You Could Have Killed Me Out There.” He Dug The Pointed End Of The Screwdriver Into The Cold Steel Surface Then Dragged It Effortlessly Across The Bench Leaving A Long Gash.

“You’re Being Dramatic,” Crystal Shot Back Without Glancing In His Direction. “I Made Sure Everything Was Tight Before The Race.” The Wheels Of The Stool She Was Sitting On Made A Clunking Noise As She Pushed Off With The Heels Of Her Feet And Scooted Around The Rear End Of The Speed Bike, Making Small Adjustments To The Springs As She Went. She Knew If She Made Eye Contact It Would Only Fuel His Rage. So Insead, She Intently Focused On Her